WIGMORE HALL Consistently compelling, and both musically and technically distinguished, this was some of the most distinguished Beethoven playing I have heard for a long time. Rubackyté was equally probing in Schumann's Carnaval, expressing the gamut of scenarios from a nervous and urgently hushed ASCH-SCHA, subtitled Dancing Letters, to a foreboding but strongly swinging March of the Davidsbündler. Of the encores, Liszt's Sixth Hungarian Rhapsody was unstinting in its technical power and striking for its sense of dramatic thread.
MUSICAL OPINION, London, UK, June 1999

Pianist of the distinction of Brendel, Cherkassky, Bolet, Perlemuter, and John Lill have graced our platform over the past thirty years, but under Mûza Rubackyté's spell, as the last ethereal notes of the Liszt Sonata ebbed into the darkness of the night, a transfixed audience rose as one.. We marvelled that so fragile and beautiful a frame could harbour and control such powerful emotions. Never in out experience as a music society has there been such a profoundly unanimous reaction..
WOULD YOU CARE TO SAY SOMETHING" (Livre d'Or, book edited in 1998)" Mr. Keith Scott CBE

MILL HILL CONCERT SERIES "Her playing dazzled with technical brilliance --she displayed deep knowledge of the music, and her genuine feeling came over to the audience in a way which is all too rarely seen. She is one of the greats, and we would welcome her return".
Walter Felman, Chairman of Mill Hill Music Society, UK